Lip Smackers: Not Just For Kids!

Do you remember Bonne Bell from your childhood? Well, the company has teamed up with soda and candy manufacturers that make flavorful goodies like Coke, Skittles, and even M&M's. Bonne Bell uses their flavorings to create a large variety of no-calorie, yummy lip balms called Lip SmackersDon't we all get chapped lips?


Lip Smackers in Coca Cola soda flavorsLip Smackers in Coca Cola soda flavors

I found my 8-pack in the drug store while waiting for a prescription to be filled.  Found is not the right word; the pack jumped out at me because most all the tubes read Coca Cola and I thought the these short tubular sticks were weird places to find Coca Cola, never mind Coca Cola Vanilla, Coca Cola Cherry, and 6 other soda flavors all made by Coke.

I giggled when I saw they were lip balms and decided to go all-out for a pack, as I gave up soda a few years ago and really miss it.  I never believed the Lip Smackers would taste like the real sodas, but I was curious. That's what good marketing does - makes you buy, not out of need, but curiosity.

But, you know what? These Lip Smackers contain the smackingly fond flavors of the original sodas; not just the flavors, but the scents. From the original Coca Cola to Fanta Orange to Barq's Root Beer, they keep you sniffin' and even bring you back to the blissful, relatively uncomplicated life of a sixth grader.

I'll tell you what, too. Having a little sweet smell and taste on your lips keeps you from wanting sweets, and even from getting hungry, I've found.  But, of course, that's not claimed; just my own observation.

Lip Smackers in so many flavors: image via the-paperbags.blogspot.comLip Smackers in so many flavors: image via As for the lip gloss itself, it feels very rich on your lips and lasts for about two hours if you don't keep licking it, or eat or drink anything. I have to admit to applying the Lip Smackers more frequently while I'm working, to keep the texture on my lips and the whiff of soda under my nose.

I have not considered purchasing a Bonne Bell product since I was a tween. It surprised me that the company was still in business.  But these Lip Smackers are winning, and not just for kids.  Try the soda and the candy flavors; I'm confident they're all great replicas of the original flavors (even though I've only tried 8 sodas, so far).

Besides, the Lip Smackers revive the spirit of your inner kid!


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