Lipo This - New Technology Literally Melts Away your Fat

Our Guest Blogger, Sarah Olson, originally from Chicago, is back in the States after a two-year stint in Japan and Asia. She is constantly seeking out ways to make the world more beautiful, and has a vested interested in discovering methods to enhance the feminine mystique.She wanted to share her finds with the readers of

Here's her article:

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Got a spare tire that needs deflating? A little extra padding around the middle, perhaps? You may be in luck!

Enter injection lipolysis, a procedure now in clinical trials under FDA supervision. Injection lipolysis is a kind of “fat-melting” treatment, commonly known as mesotherapy or by the brand name “Lipodissolve.” It basically works through a series of micro-injections of certain substances into localized subcutaneous fat, which then hardens and dissolves to be eventually eliminated by the body.

Results should be visible within weeks, and the whole procedure takes under an hour – a perfect alternative to lunch! If you decide to opt for this treatment you are not alone – last year it was performed on over 28,000 patients, six times the amount from the previous year. But miracle seekers beware: The ideal candidate is similar to one who would be considered for liposuction – someone not grossly overweight, but who could use some help on those “problem areas”. At around $2000 a treatment, too many problem areas might get a bit costly!

Earlier in the year, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery warned consumers against these treatments, stating that the ingredients were vague, scientifically unproven, and injections may not be administered by trained professionals. This study seeks to follow patients for 46 weeks to determine its overall effectiveness and possible long-term effects, of which there may be many. Medical reports suggest a number of disturbing complications, such as “disfiguring masses of chronically inflamed tissue” (a condition called granulomas), localized necrosis (tissue death) and bacterial infection.

Hmm… That noon hour sandwich is sounding more and more appealing.

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Sarah Olson
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Feb 8, 2008
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and no one ever thinks of eating less and exercising more.