Liquid Bookmark Lets It Bleed While You Read

Reading Clive Barker's "Books Of Blood" and don't want to lose your page? Want your fellow students, commuters, passersby and so on to know just how bloody good your reading material is? Say it with sanguine style: the Kyouei Liquid Bookmark.

Each bloody bookmark is made individually by Japanese designer Koichi Okamoto so that each one is unique. As well, you can choose from red, gray or white just in case the hemoglobin look isn't for you. The packaging is also noteworthy, with each bookmark displayed within a white-backed, transparent fronted package that makes it look like some sort of medical sample - or a slab of beef jerky, whatever turns you on.

Are bookmarks fast-fading holdovers from an era when readers actually scanned printed pages made from pulped trees? Not really... the huge success of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, the Harry Potter books and even the upcoming Sarah Palin tome prove books aren't going away - even if our trees are. The Kyouei Liquid Bookmark will complement your choice of reading material, regardless whether it's in a similar vein. (via Japan Today and Design Boom)