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Snorkellers everywhere will likely be even more eager than ever to hop into the water this summer when they get a look at a new digital underwater camera mask from Liquid Image Underwater.

The mask has a camera built into it, so water lovers do not have to wade around with one while trying to enjoy the underwater scenery.

To take a photo or record video underwater, a user just has to line up crosshair marks on the mask with an object and press a capture button. Later, the user can transfer photos and video from the mask to a computer using a USB cable. The mask even comes with 16 MB of internal memory. A Micro SD card slow allows the memory to be expanded if needed.

According to the company's Web site, no software is needed to download images or video. The mask uses two AAA batteries.

The mask will range in price from $79 to $99 and will be available in youth and adult sizes.

Based in Sacramento, Calif., Liquid Image was founded in 2002 and was originally named Zocker Toys before changing its name in December 2007.

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Aug 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Liquid Image Underwater Digital Camera Mask

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