Liquid Image Summit Series Snow Goggles Shoot All Your Ski-Trip Video

Some epic days on the slopes demand reliving, which is why a headcam is such a great accessory. However, with all the other gear and gizmos on your dome--helmet, hat, earbuds, goggles, etc.--adding a camera isn't always that comfortable. So Liquid Image has integrated a video camera into a pair of ski goggles to deliver the recording action you need in a more streamlined package. You're going to wear goggles either way, so why not get a pair that delivers video too?

 The Summit Series 335 goggles feature a built-in camera capable of snapping both 5-megapixel still pictures and video. Video recording is done at a 720 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second and includes audio. The goggles feature 16 MB of flash memory for storage and are expandable up to 16 GB via a microSD/SDHC card slot. They're powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides enough sauce for over two hours of video or 2,200 pictures. 

Even when wearing big, oafy snowboarding gloves, control is simplified through oversized controls on the sides of the goggles. So you'll get the shot right the first time and be on to the next one. 

Unfortunately, these goggles won't be making an impact on your '10 season and are being readied for next year. They'll retail for a very reasonable (but manufacturer estimated) $149.

Though you can get better action cams and undoubtedly better quality goggles, these are offered at a competitive price and provide a very convenient package. If you don't care about the highest quality video, these are worth a look next season. 

Via: Engadget