Liquid Sculptures Frozen in Time


Combining art and science, artist Martin Waugh captures nature’s beauty through his photographs by creating liquid sculptures.

Against The OddsAgainst The Odds

Martin is fascinated by fluids in motion. He creates these various shapes by varying the drops’ trajectories and manipulating the physical properties. He uses dye, glycerin and soap to control the color, viscosity and surface tension.


Liquid Sculpture images are fluids in motion, frozen in time by a flash of light. They are droplets witnessed in mid-splash. I orchestrate these sculptures by accurately aiming the drops and releasing them with precise timing. As nature takes its course, I photograph the unfolding forms using a digital camera and electronic flash.

Blue Foamy CrownBlue Foamy Crown

He is often asked his process of creating these liquid sculptures and says, “What you see on this site are high-resolution photographs of liquids in motion, captured with high-speed flash photography. I use Photoshop to clean up the background, balance the color and tidy up a bit. I don't alter the shapes or composition. What you see is what nature provided.”

Drops On CD 1Drops On CD 1


Vaquero JovenVaquero Joven

Old Glory Bowl 2Old Glory Bowl 2

Legs 1Legs 1

I'd have to say that my favorite one is Legs. Those are some fine lookin' legs! I love the way these sculptures are captured in time and also the colors used in each photograph. Which one is your favorite?

Many thanks to Martin Waugh! Check out more of his awesome liquid sculptures at his website.

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