The Liquor Holster That Lindsay Lohan Would Die To Replace Her Scram Bracelet With!

What Lindsay Lohan has been dealing with, isn't a laughing matter. There's nothing positive about drinking and driving, and never quite getting a grasp of the potential consequences that can include the death of other drivers and pedestrians. That being said, I've come across a fashion accessory that this fallen star is surely thinking she's like to replace her SCRAM alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet.

Liquor ClothingLiquor Clothing

It's been reported that despite wearing the SCRAM, Lindsay still tried to consume alcohol and may have tampered with the monitoring system. Clearly, during that evening out she would have much preferred to be wearing a not-so-discreet ankle holster designed to hold a number of bottled beverages so they're always on hand.

Ankle Booze HolsterAnkle Booze Holster

It might not be anymore discreet than her current alcohol-related accessory, but, maybe if Lindsay's alcohol treatment is a success, the SCRAM will win out over this little beauty.

Via: TrendHunter