Lisco: Multi-purpose USB Cable and Bracelet

USB cables are the bane of my life. I need them ALL The time, but they clutter my work area, disappear when I need them MOST and end up in the most unimaginable places.

Though I know that I require them to do almost anything from charging my mobiles, iPod, transferring pictures from my camera to the laptop, I wish there was an innovative way to use and carry these cables.

Lisco seems to have come up with a great answer.

Lisco USB cables have been morphed into a fashion accessory, a bracelet.

These cables wrap around the wrist, no more ugly cables all over...and I always have access to my data and am able to juice up phone or iPod.

Lisco has managed to give a purely functional object a second and more innovative as well as stylish lease of life.


Sep 6, 2008
by Anonymous

Great Idea!

That idea is wonderful! China Business!