Listen To Your Music Underwater With FINIS Neptune

Neptune Underwater MP3 PlayerNeptune Underwater MP3 Player

We, this generation's runners, lifters, cyclists, Crossfitters, gym rats, fitness freaks, all love our music while we're getting our sweat on. But what do you do in the pool or on your paddle board? You forgo the tunes, so you don't ruin your device...unless you have a Neptune from FINIS.

Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player. It employs Bone Conduction audio transmission to transmit audio through the cheekbone to the inner ear. That's right, audio waves will travel through your skull to your ear, and you will be able to hear music or audiobooks or whatever gets you going.

FINIS NeptuneFINIS Neptune

Bone Conduction audio transmission means you don't need ear buds or headphones. The Neptune system includes two speakers that attach to goggle straps and a high-contrast OLED screen that rests comfortably on the back of the head. The screen shows the song, artist and play status, and the unit comes with 4GB of storage. 

This product is ideal for aquatic athletes or anyone who wants to listen to their music while enjoying the water. You won't have to worry about ruining your smartphone or player, and you'll have a cool piece of equipment. You can find out more information on the Neptune on the FINIS website, or go to Amazon to order one today. 

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