Literary Genius Meets Fashion: Classic Novel Purses

For those who have a love of all things literary, this is a love that can be extended to fashion. Not all books can be read, at least not the kind that you can tote with you on a daily basis to ensure that everyone knows just how much you love the classics. These unique handbag designs are anything but classic accessories, it's the literary aspect that gives them this title!

Classic Literature HandbagsClassic Literature Handbags

The handbag literary books are by Olympia Le Tran are funky, yet classy at the same time since they commemorate some of the greatest literary heroes of all time! The embroidered design is not overly modern so it embraces the right feel of novels that have played such an important role in history, even spanning across generations.

Book PursesBook Purses

Maybe it's geeky to like a purse that looks like a novel, but if that's the case, then count me in the club!

Via: Neatorama