A Little Literary Love In The Glove

During the winter months it can be hard to keep your hands warm while working or playing on the computer. There are a number of options to keep your hands warm, but you need your fingers and thumbs free. Some are too bulky to really allow your fingers to fly. These Literary Writing Gloves seem to have it all plus the fun of words from popular literary works.

Alice in Wonderland Literary Writing GlovesAlice in Wonderland Literary Writing Gloves

As I writer I often find myself battling cold hands while hard at work. I have a pair of gloves that leave the fingers free, which is nice, but the thumb in covered, which is awkward. The knit like regular gloves and mitten is a bit bulky. I would imagine that other people who spend a great deal of time at the computer for other reasons would face the same problem.

These gloves are a nice cotton knit and they would make my job a little easier while keeping my hands warm.They come silk screen printed black on white with text from your choice of illustrated passages from Alice in Wonderland or the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet. One size fits most. The gloves are the brain child of fashion designer Tori Tissell. She and her husband Chris hand make them in Portland, Oregon.

Romeo and Juliet Literary Writing GlovesRomeo and Juliet Literary Writing Gloves

Tissell began creating her designs in 2011 when she was lacking an idea for Christmas gifts. She drew upon her passion for screen printing, fashion, and reading to create a fun scarf for family and friends. She just kept on going from there. Her line now includes scarves, pillows, and gloves, and she sells it all under the company name of Storiarts. Note how neatly her first name fits into the name of the company.

The check out the Literary Writing Gloves (which make me think of Jo in Little Women writing away in her dusty garret) or maybe even buy a pair from Uncommon Goods, click here.