A Little Bit Of Paradise In Business: Japan’s Indoor Beach

We've all heard that we should stay out of the sun's rays, but that makes it difficult when we want to enjoy a day at the beach. A business in Japan offers a great alternative to fun in the sun outdoors, and is also suitable for all seasons.

Japan's Indoor BeachJapan's Indoor Beach

Japan has a large indoor beach, built in an ocean dome that offers sun, sand and sea 365 days a year, where beach bums get the comfort of a climate controlled relaxation experience complete with volcano and artificial sea full of flora and fauna. To complete the experience, the beach has a faux rainforest, "functional" volcano, pirates, boogie boarding and inner tubing. Plus, there's a retractable sun roof on the dome so weather permitting, outdoor elements can come inside the controlled environment.

Japan's certainly onto something here, and from a business perspective, it might have been expensive to build, but it turns in a profit with $50 admission for adults, more for kids, and an extra $10 on top for boogie boarding; not to mention the food, drinks, and other amenities available on site. All I have to say is, why don't we have one of these to help us get through the Canadian winters? Calling all investors!

Via: Gluckman