Little Colds Honey Pops Lollipops Soothe Kid's Sore Throats Naturally


What’s the one thing you can get pretty much any kid to eat at any time? That’s right – candy! It doesn’t matter where they are and what they’re doing. They’ll drop anything for candy. At least that’s the way it is with my kids. They can be drifting in and out of a fever induced fog and if they so much as hear the slightest crinkle of a candy wrapper or catch the tiniest whiff of something sweet they’re suddenly wide awake and focused. So, when I heard about Little Colds Honey Pops I was intrigued. It’s candy that makes sick kids feel better. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

As any parent knows, looking after sick kids is awful. Okay, I get it – it’s no picnic for the kids either, but the whining is enough to just push you over the edge sometimes. I can deal with the stuffy noses and snot wiping, but sometimes it would be great to get a break from the crankiness, if only for a few minutes.

Little Colds Honey Pops are made with pure honey to soothe sore throats naturally. The pops are free of artificial colors and flavors, saccharin, gluten and alcohol, so parents don’t have to feel bad about giving their sick kids a treat. Of course, because they’re made with natural honey and because they’re in lollipop form, you’ll want to keep them out of the hands of really little guys, but for kids 3 and up they look to be a great relief option. To find out what other parents have to say about Little Colds Honey Pops or to pick up a pack you can click here.   

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