Little House On The Trailer: Prefab Houses That Move When You Do

I know what you're thinking - prefabricated houses aren't new. At some point, we've all known someone who's lived in a mobile home, trailer, or another sort of prefab home. But this new company has a fun name and a fun concept that's definitely worth talking about!

Little House on the TrailerLittle House on the Trailer

Little House on the Trailer allows people to customized miniature homes that are fabricated elsewhere and brought in on a trailer as the name indicates. Since the largest available prefab  home is a mere 400 square feet, they're not really designed for living in, but can be used for portable offices, sheds and storage areas.  They're self-insulating, eco-friendly, and can be designed to look just like a miniature version of your own house. Let's be honest too, it's really the name that attracted me, and sometimes all it takes is a great name to pull ahead in the industry competition!

 Inside of Little House on the TrailerInside of Little House on the Trailer

Via: TrendHunter 

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