Little Kid Halloween Costumes That Are Sure To Appall You

Have you hit the pumpkin patch yet?  Halloween will soon be upon us and the kids are busy planning out their costumes and dreaming of all of the treats they are about to receive.  What about the really little guys though?  Babies and toddlers often turn up on Halloween with some adorable costumes, but they are usually picked out by an adult.  Unfortunately, even for the little guys, there are some bad costume choices out there.  Here are a few of the ultra-inappropriate ones I have come across.



We all know that the choices for women’s Halloween costumes consist of slutty nurse, slutty witch, slutty cat and mistress of the darkness (which is just a variation of slutty witch).  For young girls, however, we expect the costumes to be a lot more innocent.  Certainly fishnets and black lace should not even be a consideration, but they are certainly a big part of this Gothic Ballerina costume.  Who knew there even was such a thing?




Just to keep things even, there is a little boy equivalent in the sleazy costume category.  Pimp Baby definitely qualifies.  Can you imagine if you dressed your little boy in this one and your little girl in the Gothic Ballerina one?  


On the tamer side there is the Baby Whoopie Cushion costume.  While this may not be as improper as the previous choices, photos of your child wearing this get-up will certainly circulate for years and years to come, making him or her the butt (literally) of everyone’s jokes forever.

Moving on to the creepy costume ideas, here is a head scratcher.  Turning any formerly cute baby costume into a bloody mess is just plain horrifying.  Why would you want to make it look like an alien is emerging from the guts of your tiny tot?

However, topping them all, at least in my opinion, is this horrifying homemade Baby Hitler outfit.  Who ever thought that this was a good idea?  Of all the things that this kid's parents could have picked, why this?  I really am speechless over this one...

Source: Shine

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Oct 13, 2010
by Anonymous


What I will get a gift in 2010 halloween . Oh! Good looking!

Oct 15, 2010
by Kim Patterson

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