Little Mismatched Makes A Bold Fashion Statement With Clashing Fashion!

Old-fashioned fashion rules have taught us to always ensure that all of our accessories match. It Little Mismatched PajamasLittle Mismatched Pajamasonce was fashionable to have your belt match your shoes, and your purse; until recently, when it became about coordination rather than matching. However, a new fashion company has rewritten all the fashion rules about coordinating your outfit by selling pairs of clothing that don't match, they don't even coordinate; what do they do? They clash!

Little Mismatched is a fashion company that derived from a common clothing crisis; when socks mysteriously disappear in the dryer. But, instead of finding a solution or hunting down the thieving sock monster that resides in every household's dryer, the company decided to start a new fashion trend. Little Mismatched doesn't sell socks in pairs, but in threes; and no, they aren't catering to three legged tweens and teenagers either. By selling socks in threes, they're providing people with a backup plan when a sock gets lost or worn out. Since the threes of socks aren't an exact match to one another, there's no rules about how to pair them when folding laundry or putting them on your feet.

Little Mismatched SocksLittle Mismatched Socks

Now that you understand Little Mismatched's history, it's important to understand that they no longer limits themselves to the sale of mismatched socks either and have expanded their inventory to include flip flops, pajamas, underwear, slippers and more which are coordinated in color or pattern, but do not actually match to create a complete fashion line of functional clothing that clashes! Consider it pre-packaged fashion for the fashionably impaired; or easy thoughtless risky fashion for the fashion forward.

Would you wear Little Mismatched's clashing clothing items and make a bold new fashion trend? Or will you stick to your old-fashioned values and stick to matchy-matchy clothing choices?

Apr 4, 2009
by Anonymous


is that supposed to be a new fashion? When people who might not care about fashion or those who cannot afford to buy new clothes have to use different kinds of for example socks when one of the pair gets to broken or just like to mix clothes.
Ancient fashion just like the other types of fashions. The only thing it has mostly been frowned upon, nothing new, nothing innovative.