Little Shop of Twitters

If you're familiar with "Little Shop of Horrors," the successful Broadway Show and rock musical, then you remember how the nerdy florist tended to Audrey II, his demanding plant with a ravenous appetite. The refrain "Feed Me" that became more and more pronounced as the plot progressed might give one a little insight as to how our lives might change if our plants could Twitter?

Are you are all thumbs, and none of them green? Do you spend the majority of your time twittering, leaving no time to address your botanical responsibilities? Well all that is about to change, because the Twitterverse just went "green!" And we're talking literally. If you currently are not following @pothos, you're not one of the 3000+ followers this plant has been able to attract in its short life span.That's right, we're talking about a plant that is able to grow and tweet at the same time!

Like Audrey II, when this plant communicates on Twitter, it surely gets what it wants. Granted, while most of his 140 characters are demands for "water," @pothos will also tell you his current moisture level.The ingenious device that triggers @pothos' tweets was invented by Botanicalls. The mechanism is made of soil moisture sensors that transmits information through a circuit board to a micro-controller, which in turn interprets and tweets announcements in accordance with the plant's needs.

According to the instructions, once the $99 Botanicalls kit is assembled, a connection to the Internet and leads buried in the plant’s soil will get you up and running in no time. Once operational, you then subscribe to Twitter for the plant's personal registration. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to assemble, and the satisfaction you will get from building your own "shop of twitterers" is immense.

Differing from Audrey II, however, @pothos doesn't have a mean stem in his leaves! In fact, he will send you prompt and courteous "thank yous" when you show it the love it deserves!