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Just the other day an acquaintance of mine told me how difficult it was to share a car with her husband. They can't afford the expense of another car, but sometimes while he uses their car to go to work she really needs the car to go to the doctors or the grocery store. If only they lived in Austin, TX. Brandi Clark would let her borrow a car for free.

That's right! She can borrow a vehicle when she needs it from a car share program in Austin, TX. She can borrow it for a fraction of the cost of owning a car and if she refers enough friends she can borrow it and drive it for free. Car sharing is an eco-friendly and financially friendly alternative to renting or owning a car.

Brandi Clark helped launch this innovative non-profit car share program in October of 2006. The program is going strong, but it isn't the only car share program in existence. There are several throughout the US and around the world, but Austin is the first city in Texas to offer this kind of program. To find out if you have a car sharing program existing in your city take a look at

To join the Austin CarShare program there is a $25 member fee, a refundable deposit of $300, a $10 monthly fee and of course payment for mileage. Member financial perks include: "Gas, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and free metered parking all included in one low price!" However, if the Austin CarShare program members would like an opportunity to save even more money they can refer a friend to the program. For each friend referred the member receives $25, according to the referral guidelines.  The referred friend also receives $25 for mentioning the referring friend.

Reserving a vehicle isn't difficult. A vehicle can be reserved up to months in advance or at the last minute using the Austin CarShare online system. Vehicle locations are distributed throughout the service area, and often located for access by public transport.

For more information on the Austin CarShare program visit their website.

Watch the car sharing video here.

Via Self Magazine April 2009, Austin CarShare and Earth Easy

Mar 24, 2009
by Austin Keenan
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"Austin"? Yay! Okay I'm done

"Austin"? Yay! Okay I'm done

Austin Keenan
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Mar 27, 2009
by Anonymous

hmmm this service been

hmmm this service been around in Quebec for a while and the price are much lower, in Toronto the price is about the same as the Austin. but at that price $5-$8 / hr i may aswell pay for a taxi and not worries about parking... etc..
if you really think about it, u will need to rent it at least 2hr min and that cost more than a taxi in some or most case.