Live Blog and Recap of ABC's American Inventor: Episode 206 (Season 2 Episode 6)

American Inventor Show Recap

Unfortunately, Seth will not be able to do his live blog posting this week. We will try to have a recap summary of the show for later this evening but will not be able to provide a live blog.We apologize for any inconvenience.

In the meantime, please share your comments on the show.

In "Episode 206", the nationwide search for America's next big invention continues with open casting calls in Houston and Tampa. Highlights include an apparatus to keep man's best friend fit and entertained, an invention that could revolutionize communication for the hearing impaired and a modification to the age-old napkin. * * * * Since Seth is not available, I decided to combine the comments provided by our readers to come up with a summary of the show. Part 1 (as reveiwed in part by American Cynic):

Voice Inside -

How is this an invention? "I want to take a computer with voice recognition and shrink it down so it's handheld." Nothing novel and definitely not patentable. If he really wants to be a bit more connected with the world, he should learn to read lips. Now <em>there's</em> an idea. Develop a device that can read lips for you.

Shirly Blount - Play Music Toilet
Electric Fingernail Tool - Kevin Gilg

Part 2:

Marcus Wall - The Wallbanger -

Didn't they make it clear in the contract that this is supposed to be a consumer product that can be sold in stores where anybody can buy it? Where are they going to sell this? SWAT 'r Us? I'm sure police chiefs around the country would love for average Joes to be buying this.

Bill Guess - The steak toaster -

They waited how long for this? 40 minutes? How many other people could they have seen in that time? What a waste. Besides, this is so easy to get around. Temperature probes for ovens have been around for ages. George could put one in his next grill and do the same thing this thing does.

Part 3: EZT4U - George and Denise Tucker 070718-American Inventor TV_38070718-American Inventor TV_38
Tea brewing basket that fits into any automatic coffee maker, retrofitting it to allow it to brew tea in a coffee maker. Square Cake Cutter - Bobby Lee Grissett
A grid-like cake cutter that allows you to cut a large sheet cake in a matter of seconds, while creating equal portions of what you are cutting. Part 4: The Voice Inside- Christopher Khanoyan
A portable voice-to-text and text-to-voice device that uses voice recognition software built into a mobile phone/pda (drawing looked like a Sidekick) to facilitate a conversation between a Deaf person, and a hearing person. Part 5 (via Alexis):

In Houston, the top finalist came down to:

  • Joe & Mike Miller - wrap away dispenser
  • Chris Khanoyan - voice inside
  • Sandy Wall - wallbanger

In Tampa, the top finalists came down to:

  • George & Denise Tucker - ezt4u
  • Carlos Reid - Reid building blocks
  • Furney Eubanks - easy mower

Part 6 (via Alexis)

The Tampa winner are George & Denise Tucker with the EZT4U, tea maker.

The Houston winners Joe & Mike Miller with the wrap away dispenser.

I'll try to get better details for you after I have a chance to watch the show. Michelle Update: I am horrible at this as I don't remember anything and did not tape it. So if anyone can recall the details of some of the parts, please help me out by leaving some detailed comments for readers to enjoy. I did manage to get photos which I will put up as soon as I can. Thanks
Jul 21, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


The HT RACERS that are on the TV show  AMERICAN INVENTOR are remote controlled and do have an RC motor and that is awesome!!! As a remote control model maker it would be great to be able to design RC planes that can fly out of paper. That is a major breakthrough.  It is all about the remote control and all about designing and buiding whatever you want to make. Check out the youtube on HT Racers.

Jul 21, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Voting for the next American Inventor

Wow - seems like a short season for American Inventor. Can't believe the products will all be shown this coming week and the judges and audience votes. 


Jul 21, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Support bra with hideaway straps

Even thoogh I'm a man, I don't see anything else close to the marketability of the support Bra with hideaway straps. All the other ideas (some not qualifying as inventions) are lame to say the least!

Jul 22, 2007
by chrisk005
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it was the superman song at the end when i walked out

Jul 22, 2007
by chrisk005
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yes im from austin, texas

according to your quote
"Did I hear the show correctly? That out of the five people in his immediate family, only his mother bothered to learn sign language? Please, someone correct me."

its a long story but my mother is the only person that knows sign language the most because she has a deaf sister while others didnt. my point is that my bro and sis do not know sign language well like i do.

my dad knew some sign language when he used to lvie with us when iwas young but he moved to the middle east for a reason. right now he DOESNT know how to sign language except my name.

MY family isnt the only thing that i have a communication problem with. There are much more than you imagine.


Jul 22, 2007
by Tiffany (not verified)

if this is the real Chris

if this is the real Chris khanoyan, I'd really like to help out with making your invention possible =)

Jul 22, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Hearing Impaired

Don't most hearing impaired people have the ability to read lips very well?  I don't mean to undermine the seriousness of the problem, but my interactions with deaf people were never problematic--even though I didn't know sign language.  There was usually an interpreter present, but the deaf person was still able to communicate quite well even when alone.

I also don't quite understand how members of Chris's immediate family didn't feel compelled to learn sign language--unless Chris IS good at lip reading and doesn't have as many communication problems as his presentation on the AI show suggested.  (Which wouldn't surprise me based on the other "sob" stories we've been exposed to on the show.)

How about portable TTY machines?  They could be similar to walkie talkies of the past.

Jul 23, 2007
by chrisk005
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read lips and tty machines

According to "Don't most hearing impaired people have the ability to read lips very well?"

okay imagine if ur deaf, do you think you can read lips when people speak normally without hearing what they are saying? I DONT THINK SO and do you think i will try and tell people to slow down everytime they speak to me over and over again? NO I DONT THINK SO. and are all the hearing impaired people good at reading lips? SOME BUT NOT ALL and even NOT ALL can catch what they say perfectly when they speak normally like they talk to other hearings.

TTY machines? i dont think you understood my presentation on tv. My invention IS A PERSONAL CARRY-AROUND device that can receive voice from others AND I can also type anything i want to say on it as it will speak for me. TTY machines? they cannot go anywhere and they have to be plugged AND i would have to put a phone on it .

All i say is.. most impotantly, you are not deaf so it means you dont completely understand how my life is without hearing.

Thank you

Jul 23, 2007
by chrisk005
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yeah im the real one lol i added you through myspace =)

Jul 23, 2007
by becky (not verified)

christopher khanoyan

if u are the real chris... your appearence on the ABC show moved me and my family to tears. god bless you and yours -
love from us here in NY


Jul 23, 2007
by Michelle
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Hey Chris, Will  you be

Hey Chris,

Will  you be adding  to your my space account as well? 

We would really appreciate a link


Michelle Wink

Jul 30, 2007
by nicole d (not verified)

Can you tell me more?

Hi Chris,

I didnt get to watch the episode that you were on, so please forgive me if I am asking silly questions. I work at a college in NYC as a voice writer, so I am familiar with need for a device like yours. I am a little confused about your invention because the software that I use needs to be trained before any speaker can use it with good recognition and accuracy. When you say that it receives voice from others, do you mean that there is a third party captioning the person you are speaking to? Or does the invention actually transcribe any person's voice without training? Also, what is the name of the voice recognition software that your invention is using? Thank you for your time.


Aug 1, 2007
by molly (not verified)

some thoughts

dear chris, you have a great idea i think it'll take alot of work to become realized but i think you have alot of support and ambition that should help you through. i hope that technology can advance as fast as your dreams
ever need support from a friend in washington! i'm one.


also i loved the simple idea of the magnets to help you dry your shoes without ruining the dryer maybe not world changing but it would be a nice thing to have around.

as for the lesser ideas......

dear love test song lady you are nuts. true love cannot be found based on your simple questions and audacious outfit. but you are brave to go on tv with such a different idea and sit through the comments made about it.

dear tea people, i dont understand your invention, was there ever a problem with making tea before?


Aug 4, 2007
by robhoski

Cool but how?

A New innovative automotive shop accessory?  What a great tool!

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Hope you like it ... we're looking for investors/partners too.


Ready and Waiting 

Jul 15, 2008
by Anonymous


u can just add him on face book by chris khanoyan....