Live With The Fishes At The Most Fun And Unique Underwater Hotel In The US

Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida offers a unique experience for those fascinated with marine life. This unique hotel that is only accessible by scuba diving can offer a romantic getaway for honeymooners or an educational look at underwater research with their aquanaut program.

Jules' Undersea Lodge was once a fully-functional hub for underwater research which now offers unique underwater accommodations for anyone interested in living with the fishies. Guests of the undersea lodge don't need to be experienced scuba divers to stay at the unique underwater hotel; but they do need to be willing to make the dive down to get to their luxurious, private vacation.

Guests of the undersea hotel can choose from a variety of packages, which typically offer 24 hour accommodations, meals, and rental of diving equipment and diving instruction. More romantic packages are available for honeymooners, which includes gourmet meals of fresh seafood that fit the sea living theme. Jules' Undersea Lodge also offers various educational programs, which teaches guests about underwater habitats, and allows them to visit undersea laboratories used by professional aquanauts to conduct research into sea life and tides.

Unlike other underwater hotels, Jules' Undersea Lodge is accessible only by scuba diving, so guests need to pack the belongings they need for the stay in the unique accommodations in waterproof suitcases that are provided. The underwater lodge is fully private, and can accommodate only one family or couple at a time. The underwater lodge is like a humble home underwater, which contains a common room, bathroom, wet room (literally, since this is where the entrance door from the sea is located), and two bedrooms. Guests may not get 5-star hotel accommodations, but the unique underwater hotel does contain a TV, microwave, stereo, DVD player and best of all; large windows that allow them to take in the aquatic scenery. Meals at this underwater hotel are delivered by divers on staff in waterproof containers.

For couples looking for a unique location for a romantic wedding, Jules' Undersea Lodge also offers economic wedding packages for $1,750 which includes one night's accommodation, a gourmet meal and an officiant for the ceremony. Of course, there is an extra charge for the diving equipment and meals of any additional guests in attendance of the underwater wedding.

Underwater hotels aren't a new concept; however, Jules' Undersea Hotel does offer a more quaint, tropical cottage-like vacation experience that offers a first-hand look at aquatics education.

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Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous

sleeping with the fishes

this gives a whole new meaning to sleeping with the fishes!!! i sooooo wanna do this though! although somethig that i noticed was that the pix look very 1980's so was this built like way back when ninja turtles ruled the streets?

Mar 17, 2009
by Fashion Finds
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 This site was originally a

 This site was originally a research center, and yes, I believe it has been around since the 80's or early 90's. I suppose with such a unique destination, they don't need to worry about renovation upgrades!

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