Live Out Your Rock Star Aspirations Realistically With League Of Rock

What teenager didn't dream of being a rock star? Unfortunately, as most leave their twenties behind, they are forced to face the harsh reality that the rich and famous lifestyle just won't be theirs and move onto a stable career. Toronto's League of Rock ensures that growing up doesn't mean having to leave your rock star aspirations behind completely; while you may never find yourself on MTV's top 100, they will give you the illusion of living out your dreams without the inevitable instability.

There's no denying that there are lots of talented musicians who never have the opportunity to be graced with a record deal, or record in some of the most renowned studios. But just because these opportunities don't present themselves, doesn't mean they have to settle for jam sessions in the garage while their spouse reminds them to keep the noise down because the kids are in bed. League of Rock gives anyone with the ability to play a musical instrument the best of both worlds; by day, put on your suit and maintain your career; by night, release your inner rock star and get the A-list treatment.















It's a ten week program for $98 CDN per week (under a special rate, which usually costs $980 for the session plus a $1440 initiation fee) which connects aspiring musicians with others to make a complete band. The first four weeks are focused on giving the new band members an opportunity to get to know each other and practice at a professional rehearsal space, The Rehearsal Factory in downtown Toronto. The band members are mentored by industry professionals to fine tune their skills through vocal and instrumental training. During the two weeks that follow, League of Rock sets the band up to play live shows at popular venues around Toronto, perhaps giving them the opportunity for exposure to business executives, or simply allowing them the chance to really rock out.

The remaining weeks center around rehearsing and preparing for studio time, getting behind the microphone in a professional studio; either Phase One Audio or XM Satellite Studios; and finally, week ten allows the band members to showcase their talents at a hot venue in front of family, friends and the public. And, to make sure that the event goes down in memory and history, a film crew is provided to heighten the experience.

League of Rock also offers what they refer to as the Five Day Immersive program, which is a rigorous week that lets people feel like full-time musicians. Anyone interested in this program should cash in a week of vacation time, because there won't be time to work when being walked through the song-writing process by professionals, rehearsing with a band, performing on stage and recording original pieces. League of Rock also offers one-day musical training seminars, workshops and team building programs.

If you can make it as a professional rock star into your middle ages, more power to you; but if you're like most others who have aspirations that don't correspond with reality, have some fun and make it happen without living in a pipe dream.