Live Like A Rock Star At London’s Rock ‘N Roll Theme Hotel

Want accommodations that make you feel like a rock star? Visit the Pavilion Fashion Rock ‘N Roll Monochrome Marilyn RoomMonochrome Marilyn RoomHotel in London. A little hotel with a very big, glamorous and entertaining theme that will make you feel like a rock star in your own, even if you've never set foot on stage. Read on, but don't be disappointed, groupies are not included.

Every room in the hotel has a funky theme that will make you feel like a rock star from an era past. Apparently, it's so glamorous that even a whole slew of popular celebrities today have stayed at these original accommodations during trips to London. The 30 room hotel boasts 24 different funky, rock ‘n roll themes in small or large single rooms for 60 and 80 GBP per night, double rooms for 100 GBP, or triple rooms for 120 GBP per night. A few of the noteable themes include the Monochrome Marilyn, in a classy black and white design; and the Honky Tonk Afro, inspired by the disco era of the 70's which might just be too bright and flashy to facilitate a good night's rest.

Honky Tonk Afro RoomHonky Tonk Afro Room

This over the top London hotel was founded by a former fashion model along with his sister, who while traveling the world, felt uninspired by the bland accommodations that he constantly encountered. However, many other theme hotels come with huge price tags that just aren't recession-friendly; but with a smaller budget to go with the hotels smaller size, the Pavilion Fashion Rock ‘N Roll Hotel in London is better in reach!