Living Like Hippies With Wanna Start A Commune

In the 60's and 70's, communal living was popular throughout North America, and while it may not have been long-lasting or particularly successful back then, it's a reemerging trend today with businesses like Wanna Start a Commune that focus on networking for communal living standards.

One of Wanna Start a Commune's frequently asked question is "I'm not a hippie, why would I start a commune?" and the answer according to this unique networking business; because when economic times are tough, everyone needs to pool together to share resources. According to Wanna Start a Commune, communes are for everyone, from truck drivers, to stay at home moms, magazine editors, graffiti artists, and yes, of course, hippies too.

So, now that we've established why you should wanna start a commune, it's time to explain what this business that emphasizes communal living does. It provides those interested in communal living the opportunity to network with each other, and explains what you need to do to start a commune; duh. But Wanna Start a Commune has also started a few pilot projects around the US which have been coined "culdesac communes". In Topanga culdesac commune the community plants wildflowers at a communal garden, has a community well and pizza oven, rodent control and even carpooling. In the Hollywood culdesac commune there are bartering services and solar array. And, in Rustic Canyon the culdesac commune focus on disaster preparedness, planting flowers in a vacant lot, neighborhood potlucks and community salsa lessons.

At a time of economic uncertainty, Wanna Start a Commune makes some good points and these is one non-profit business that we could stand to learn something from.