The Lizard of Steel Comes to Tear Earth Asunder

The far east is a land of mystery and wonder. From its deep chasms and lush mountains have come creatures of myth and objects of wondrous portent. So it is not with surprise that we now welcome something that puts our very sense of coolness, the essence of what we know to be awesome and radical to the test. We unveil this radical invention not without fear, or rather awe, because we know that within it lies the power to esconce men with a siren chant that will sink many into oblivion (as well as unload the weight of money from their pockets.) What is this portentous item? Nothing else than the new and improved RC (remote-controlled) Mecha Godzilla, a towering beast of steel (rising about 20 inches from the ground) that is ready to unleash its ungodly arsenal upon the world, all thanks to the people from Bandai.MechagodzillaMechagodzilla

This giant of steel promises fun for everyone that dares command it's mighty prowess, and mighty is that prowess indeed. The RC Mecha Godzilla features a complex control unit that will allow you to unleash the heathen fury over the denizens of Tokyo or any other city of choice. It's weapons include:

  • Missiles that shoot from the tip of its fingers!
  • Missiles that shoot from the tip of its toes!
  • Missiles that shoot from its knees!
  • More missiles that were later removed due to being considered overkill!
  • A mighty roar that is very loud! We also suppose that it will make you very afraid!
  • Legs that actually move! (Bandai does not condone crushing innocent people.)
  • A hidden laser beam that kills your enemies AND damages the ozone layer!
  • 360 degrees spinning head that imitates Linda Blair on The Exorcist and turns blue while doing it! (RC Mecha Godzilla does not vomit on your enemies.)

While we realize that everyone with good enough sense would be trilled to buy this little puppy and take it for a road trip USA we must warn you before your hearts shatter with the sad news. The RC Mecha Godzilla was released on a limited run and has already sold out on the land of the far east.  While potential buyers crying over the fact that they won't be able to cruise route 66 on the shoulders of this mechanic fiend should not despair, however, since Bandai has dropped hints of a potential second run. Those interested should already set aside a good amount of cash to acquire this piece of earth shattering power. The RC Mecha Godzilla retails for almost $900 USD, a price we consider minimal for getting your hands on this piece of gear.

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