Lo Fresco Healthy Vending Machines In Europe

Vending machines haven't traditionally catered to those looking for a healthy afternoon snack. Lo FrescoLo FrescoMost vending machines feature chips, chocolate bars, cookies, and occasionally, the odd granola bar or apple accompanied by a wealth of carbonated beverages. Yo! Naturals was a healthy, organic vending machine that we spotted before, and now they've got competition!

Barcelona company Lo Fresco is the next company to introduce a healthier vending machine to the market called Lof. Like their competition, Yo! Naturals, which is North America based, this European company offers a selection of healthy and fresh items which are also organic.  Unlike other vending machine brands, Lof is not looking for investors, they are installed by the company in locations at no cost to any of the other businesses nearby, and fully-stocked with an inventory of fruits, nuts gazpacho soup and meals that are ready-prepared.

Since Lof is not awaiting funding to start installing their healthy vending machines across Europe, you can expect to see these alternative vending options to make an appearance soon for healthy snacking on the go!

Via: FoodWeek

Oct 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Come to the US

Come to the US, we need YOU.

Love this idea, Healthy Vending.

How cool.]

Reuse idle vending spaces for your machines on

Military sites
Bus Centers
Govt Civic Centers
Theatres, IE IMAX.
Bus Ports
Schools K-12.
VA Centers nationwide
Lakes, rivers.