Local Mugshots: Publications That Bring The Skeletons Out Of The Closet Of Local Communities

We all love seeing those websites online that post mugshots of celebrities. It's great to laugh and Local MugshotsLocal Mugshotspoke fun at those who have done things dumber than the rest of us and gotten caught. It's a shame that this just isn't an option for those in our communities, isn't it? Oh wait, because guess what; now it is!!

Local Mugshots is a bi-monthly periodical which prints all of the recently arrested people in specific communities. Curious locals can purchase the newsletters for $1 and since this business has done so well since its inception there are franchise opportunities, because people just love to know who's lurking in their community - whether it's for a DUI or something more sinister.

Okay, let's recognize the realities for a second. Sure, some of it might be fun and games. But Local Mugshots does also include the top 10 most wanted in each area and help get the message out about missing children in the area!

Via: Business Opportunities Web Blog