Stay Always Hot with the "Pop-Up" Nightclub Concept

It shouldn't come to you as a big surprise that location is one of the defining factors in the success of a business.

When it comes to the location of a nightclub, what it truly comes down to is the neighborhood it's in, and who frequents it. There is a reason the media is constantly highlighting celebrity hotspots like The Sky Bar, The Viper Room, or The Roxy; all in West Hollywood, California (LA County). It's not only a convenient spot; it's also upscale and trendy. Oh, and let's not forget about all those celebrities who live nearby.

But what happens when that formerly happening nightclub no longer attracts its elite clientele, or normal club goers like you and I? What if one day West Hollywood is no longer such a popular party destination? What becomes of those businesses?


That's an easy question to answer; it's over. Sad as it may be, that's just the unfortunate reality. Investment in renovations and other startup costs are lost, and profits are no more. Club owners are forced to cut their losses, pick up the pieces and setup shop elsewhere. That is, if they come out of it all with money in hand, and escape (relatively) emotionally unscathed. I know, it brings me down too. But you know as well as I do that if you're someone who likes to be where the action is, you won't be caught dead in there on a Friday night either.

A new business concept that has popped up in Singapore (literally) helps to eliminate the heartbreak that occurs when the tumbleweeds are the only things grooving on your once packed dance floor. The pop-up nightclub can go anywhere it needs to be (that is, once appropriate permits are obtained and legal considerations addressed). So, if your location is no longer a hit, or you just want to startup in a fresh new spot and attract a different crowd, moving is relatively easy and inexpensive.

The company, Grandstand PTE LTD expanded upon the mobile party concept popularized in the 80's and 90's (think ‘Party Monster' with Macaulay Culkin). They took the concept and improved it by creating an enclosed, safe, comfortable, and most important of all, legal environment to let loose which can go virtually anywhere. ‘The Aqua', Grandstand's nightclub model can be climate controlled, provides a sleek and modern look, and its 2 stories fit up to 500 people. Of course, let's not forget about the spacious bar area that can be well-stocked to keep your favorite drinks flowing all night long.

Maybe the concept does seem a bit like a glorified portable hotdog stand, or drink vendor on location at a little league game. This is because it is hard to get over the fact that such a monstrosity could be packed up and moved along. I can say what we're all thinking; it's much more prestigious to tell your friends you are the proud owner of a nightclub anyways (though the hotdog business is a perfectly honorable one, too). I have to say, I'm pretty impressed as well by the fact that its platform is made up of shipping containers than can expand to three times their original size. Especially with this in mind, the presentation of the place looks pretty neat.

Right now, The Aqua is set up for the first time onsite at the Singapore Sun Festival, near Clarke Quay. As of November 5th, it is ready to fall into the hands of the next willing ‘Transumer' (that's what Grandstand likes to call a consumer of their transportable venues) to be setup anywhere in the world. It seems as though their nightclub idea is already catching on, because a similar venue has been erected in the country by Orgo.

Grandstand PTE LTD also makes a line of portable retail centers and Grand Prix displays, so they cater to the daytime crowd as well if the nightlife scene is not your thing.


Prime location or not, I'd certainly be in attendance if such a venue were local, because it sounds too interesting to pass up. So think about it, could this be your next business move?

Source: Aqua by Grandstand

Beth Graddon-Hodgson
Guest Blogger

Beth Graddon-Hodgson, our Guest Blogger, is a professional freelance writer, editor and founder of She is genetically predisposed to entrepreneurialism, and loves to learn about new concepts.