On Lockdown: The Numlock Door Handle

Bored with traditional locks and security methods? In an effort to make life a little more interesting, designer Jae Sook Han has conceived a door handle that incorporates a combination lock into its design.  If the thought of being bogged down with keys is no longer appealing, the Numlock Handle can solve that problem.  To use, simply enter a 4-digit combination into the lock, twist the handle and presto, you're in like Flynn, with the digits scrambling upon the handle's release. And if that's not enough, according to the website, the numbers can also be replaced with braille for an added level of security.  


Oh, what fun that would be!  Picture this: You're late for work, running around frantically, and have to figure out braille to get back into your house because you forgot to turn off the iron.  Or, scenario two: You're coming home late at night, perhaps a bit tipsy from a few drinks with friends, and there's some shady character a few steps behind you ready to pounce.  And now you have to remember and correctly enter a code to escape certain death. There's a way to make daily life more interesting!  

To be fair, this design could be quite useful in corporate/business institutions, where certain areas are restricted to the general populace, but for the average consumer this just seems impractical and downright silly.  

No word on whether the Numlock handle will hit production, but if it does I imagine its popularity will be strictly limited to the commercial sector.

Via Yanko Design


Jul 29, 2009
by Anonymous

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