Locomatrix: GPS-Based Gaming Company

If you don't have a GPS or a GPS mobile phone, you're definitely behind the times, especially since they now do more than just tell you where to go, at least since businesses have managed to create entertaining GPS-based games.

Sure, there have been some more underground, treasure hunt style games taking place and originating online, but now, a company called Locomatrix has made GPS gaming more legit. Some games are almost entirely GPS based, requiring users to run around a large open space avoiding obstacles and picking up objects located and certain coordinates. There is also a Treasure Hunt game where players are sent to a series of locations. And, even better than that, users can use a template on Locomatrix's website to create their own games to share with friends!

Locomatrix may offer a cutting-edge service today, but is this just a passing fad?

Aug 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand this worldwide


Mock Search & Rescue
Hostage Rescue War Game
Finding hidden "secrets" & steal from enemy?
Treasure Hunts
Blind date- follow coordinates to Your " date".
Progressive dinners?
Easter egg hunts?
Tracking cars for prize IE said car X is prize?


This can go so many ways, & all outdoors or use huge backyards