Logitech Announces Buttonless Touch Mouse M600

Yes, touchscreen smartphones and tablets are taking their respective markets by storm these days, and along with those products have come the so-called “buttonless mice.” These are computer mice that rely on their touch-sensitive top surfaces for user input. Logitech, the well-known maker of computer peripherals, appears to be looking forward to giving this category a go with its new Touch Mouse M600.



Logitech touts a “natural feel” for maximum comfort, alongside “smooth-as-smartphone scrolling” - as long as you have the special software installed. The entire upper mouse surface is touch-sensitive, and users can swipe their way up and down documents and webpages. The virtual mouse buttons can also be re-assigned for left-handed users. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any multi-touch gesture support – the above is about the extent that the product page lists the device as capable of.



Logitech also seems to be targeting the Touch Mouse M600 toward notebook users, as the mouse has an integrated compartment behind the battery door for its tiny USB receiver, and the mouse can apparently run just fine with one out of two AA batteries installed. Logitech also wants you to believe that the optical tracking can handle “virtually any surface.”



Anyway, the Touch Mouse M600 will come available on store shelves in the US and Europe sometime around February of this year, with a target MSRP of $69.99.

UPDATE: Logitech's Buttonless Touch Mouse is now available at Amazon and other online retailers.


(Via The Tech Report and the Press Release)

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Jun 1, 2012
by Anonymous


Hey, this is really an awesome mouse!