Logitech Solar Powered Keyboard Has Sunny Future In Computing

Logitech is set to introduce its first-ever solar powered keyboard to the world in November of 2010. All indications are that it not only works well, but actually looks damn good.

The wireless revolution is in full swing, giving us computer peripherals from mice to keyboards that need no cords to power up and no longer tie us to within six feet of our computers.

Of course, the devices have drawbacks, from occasional failures to work to the seemingly constant need for charging. Even high-end gaming peripherals can have connectivity and battery life issues, despite their sleek look and shiny appeal.

Logitech, maker of all things that hook up to your computer - mice, keyboards, headsets, cameras, and printers to name a few - is releasing its first-ever wireless, solar powered keyboard to the world in November.

The Logitech K750 features a long solar panel along the top edge of the keyboard, and according to Logitech, cannot only charge while being used indoors, but will operate for three months in darkness before needing a charge again. Displayed on the keyboard is a power indicator light letting you know if you haven't been giving the keyboard the attention it deserves, and a free app downloadable from the Logitech Web site will let you know if the keyboard is receiving enough light, what the current battery level is, and if the keyboard requires a juice-up.

In addition to being functional, the K750 also manages to look good. Coming in at only 1/3 of an inch thick and with Logitech Incurve keys - a concave shape that is supposed to better suit your fingers - the K750 gives a sense of "fancy" along with "function".

Thin and green: an excellent choice.Thin and green: an excellent choice. 

The keyboard is also wireless, using 2.4 Ghz wireless and 128-bit encryption to minimize delay and signal drop-off. This is the true problem with wireless, aside from the power issues - especially for gamers, the thing needs to work all of the time.  It sounds as though the K750 should be up for the task with its combination of solar power awesomeness and high-end wireless. The Unifying Receiver for the K750 is also quite small, and can support up to 6 Logitech wireless devices, eliminating the need for multiple USB plug-ins and port usage. Bear in mind, however that the K750 can only be connected wirelessly - no wired option is included.

At this point, the plan is a November release in Europe and the US for $79.99, which is a fair price for keyboard of this (potential) solar magnitude.

Source: Physorg