Logitech Teams Up With ZAGG To Come Up With The New iPad 2 Keyboard Case

A collaboration by Logitech and ZAGG has resulted in the impending launch of the new iPad 2 Keyboard Case that will convert the tablet into a network with a bluetooth keyboard on the side. This is fantastic news for anyone who prefers typing on a separate keyboard rather than on the virtual one on the iPad 2's screen.

If you've previously owned or heard about the ZAGGmate then this one is basically a re-branded version of it. Like its predecessor, the new case has a dual purpose and can be used as a protective case to stow away your iPad 2 when you're not using it. Likewise, it converts quickly to hold your iPad 2 upright vertically or horizontally while you type away on its embedded keyboard that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth.

The iPad 2 Keyboard Case weighs 12.8 ounces and is installed with a 510 mAh battery that is good for approximately "several weeks" of normal use without charging. The device is set with a $100 price tag and will be made available sometime in April.

Source: Electronista