Match Your Interior With A Fun, Multi-Functional LoJo™


The most comfortable designs, the ones you really use, are often pillowy and form to whatever position your body wants to be in. The LoJo's are all that and they're fun too!

The LoJo is the first product to be launched by the design team of Bang Creations, a design studio formed by a pair of design engineers who met at engineering school, went their separate ways, and then met again while at Hasbro... he, designing boy toys and she, girl toys. Now, they're married with children and a lot of customers for their new LoJos.




The spirit of toy is certainly in the patented LoJo, Bang's multi-functional fun furniture. It's a lounge, a poof chair, a footrest, and its multi-personalities range from 8-ball to elegant to match any decor. Inspired by the bean bag, but more formed, and likely infinitely more comfortable, the bottom of the zippered ball, meant for your seat, is filled with beans. But the top, or back, of the LoJo is formed from an inflatable covered support for your back.

Here are of few of my favorite LoJos.


The 8 Ball LoJo

A super game room LoJo, Number 8 Ball is covered with black faux leather and a suede red pool table cover on the inside! See that pocket on the back? Yup, it's for your cell phone or MP3!




The Humbug LoJo

A striking design in black and white, seen in use in photos above, the Humbug LoJo would be smashing in any modern environment. Smooth and velvety inside and out.




The Gecko LoJo

The LoJo has several eastern-influenced designs that are just sumptuous in bright colors and soft silky or velvety finishes.




'69 Mustang LoJo

I can smell the musty WWII fighter pilot's jacket from here! That's what's covering the outside, in faux of course, and the '69 Mustang car seat interior even makes that old squeak when you sit on it! A REAL man's LoJo!




Dawn & Dusk LoJos

Though sold separately, Dawn and Dusk are as symbiotic in essence as in design; they really belong together. Again, the materials that shimmer in the sunlight, the colors, and the lines of these LoJos are inspired by the East. Dawn and Dusk can even be used outdoors and can get wet! They are machine washable!




Visit LoJo to find one that fits your interior!


via gizmag