LoL Quickfind Tells You Everything You Want To Know About Your League Of Legends Account

Those of you who don't play League of Legends might have a difficult time working out why this utility is rather cool. The best way I can describe it is to say that it's one of those tools that gives a piece of information that everyone wants to know, but no one really thought to ask for. It's like knowing the exact day you became a die-hard fan of a particular TV series or sports team. 

Not terribly useful, but kind of cool nonetheless, right? 

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me how long I'd been playing League of Legends for. it was a rather idle question, true - but it troubled me that I couldn't actually give him a satisfactory answer. I knew I'd been at it for at least a few years - I vaguely recall playing it back when I was still in University, and it's been quite some time since. Unfortunately, I remembered little else.


Some time later, another friend showed me an interesting tool that he discovered while browsing the annals of Reddit (which is an incredible site that all of you should create accounts on this very instant). It's a tool known as LoL Quickfind, and it'll tell you almost everything you could possibly want to know about your League of Legends account (and in all likelihood, a few things you probably don't). 

I quickly selected my region and typed in my summoner name. After crunching for a moment or so, the page immediately spat out a long list of information and statistics. It told me exactly how long I'd had my account (three years, nine months at the moment), displayed all the commendations I've gained, informed me of how many influence points I've acquired since I started playing, and presented me with a brief breakdown of my recent matches (the stats of which include how many wards I purchased, how much experience/IP I received and how much total gold I accrued). 

All in all, it's pretty nifty. Sure, it's not going to be of much use if you're looking for some kind of holy grail that will allow you to step up your game beyond anything you thought possible, but it's nevertheless interesting enough that I figured some of you might like to hear about it. 

You can access the utility here.