7 Classy Glassy Spirited Designs For Your Halloween High By Lolita®

If you're sick of all the schlocky Halloween stuff, take a look at this hand-painted glassware by Lolita®.  As if the lady's artistry were not enough to enjoy, each wine, martini, and hot beverage glass comes with one of Lolita's fun spirits recipes painted under the base of the glass. One or two of those will definitely get you in the spirit of Halloween... or something! 

Each of the Lolita glasses comes in another work of art, the packaging, which is great for gifting and/or for storing the little devils! 


1. Lolita Halloween Wine Glass: The Witch Is Back

The Witch Is Back has to be one of my all time favorite Lolita glasses. Great detail! Catch the black lipstick mark on the front of the glass.



Here's Lolita's special recipe for the brew... I mean "stew."




2. Lolita Halloween Martini Glass: The Witch Is Back 

Same stew, very different glass!




3. Lolita Halloween Martini Glass: Spooky Juice Ghost

Definitely a winner and the Spooky Juice isn't bad either. 




Don't steal this Spooky Juice recipe... It's no fun without the glass!



Here's the beautiful gift and storage box for Lolita's martini glass designs...




4.  Lolita Halloween Martini Glass: Candy Corn

This intricately painted Candy Corn Martini Glass would be wasted on candy corn.  So definitely try the martini recipe under the base of the glass.  Only liquid contents would do justice to its artistry.  (Recipe is a Halloween surprise!)





5. Lolita Halloween Giant Martini Glass: Crazy Bones

Are 52 ounces enough to get you in the spirit of Halloween?  Actually, I don't suggest it.  But the Crazy Bones Giant Martini Glass (11 inches tall with a 9" bowl diameter) makes a perfect holiday dish for floating candles, Halloween candy, or ornaments.  Or, one martini for 13 people -- lucky 13!




6.  Lolita Halloween Hot Beverage Mug: Crazy Bones

Another lovable.  Crazy Bones Hot Beverage Mug  is a great way to introduce a special friend to Lolita's glass artistry. 



Crazy Bones would be a very tame gift, if it were not for the recipe...  Now I know what to do with vanilla vodka!



And look at this hot package for Lolita's Hot Beverage Mugs like Crazy Bones and the Bobbing For Apples mug below.  Great for gifting and for storing your precious gift.  




7.  Lolita Halloween Hot Beverage Mug: Bobbing For Apples

So cute, this "Casper" makes an unusual scene flying over a fiery witches' cauldron... Bobbing For Apples.



A relatively tame Bobbing For Apples recipe...




Lolita®, by artist Tracy Lancy, is licensed to the Santa Barbara Design Studio, which carries a wide variety of Lolita designs. Lolita's glassware is painted with food-grade non-toxic paint and must be gently hand-washed and dried.

(To review or to purchase one of the above designs, click on the specific link listed with that design.  The Santa Barbara Design Studio does not offer all of them for sale.)



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Oct 14, 2009
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