Lomo Celebrates 500k Facebook Likes, Offers Camera Discounts

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 500,000 Likes in the Lomography Facebook page, Lomographic Society International is currently giving away voucher codes. Get them while they're hot!

Lomographic Fisheye Number 2 CameraLomographic Fisheye Number 2 Camera

What is Lomography anyway? It is a photography movement that got started when the Lomo LC-A (Lomo Kompakt Automat) 35 mm film camera was introduced in 1984. In a digital age it promotes the use of film photography using inexpensive (for the most part) plastic cameras that have quirky image-taking characteristics. Over the years the Lomo LC-A ($250) generated a strong following and many other cameras and accessories followed in its wake.

Diana F+ CameraDiana F+ Camera

The Lomo LC-A is the cornerstone of the Lomography movement, but there are other cameras that have also caught the eye of many a photographer seeking to rediscover the benefits of analog photography. The Fisheye Number 2 35mm Camera ($60) has a 180-degree wide-angle view with the barrel distortion typical of fisheye lenses. The Diana F+ Medium Format Camera ($40) also has a strong following. Its plastic lens produces dreamy Lo-Fi images that are in a category all its own. The Holga 120 CFN Medium Format Camera with Color Flash ($45) provides its own artificial light while producing quirky images, a result of its plastic lens and light leaks.

Holga 120 CFN CameraHolga 120 CFN Camera

To take advantage of the voucher codes go to Facebook and do a search for Lomography or go to their Facebook page. (Each day, five 25%, five 20%, thirty 15%, and sixty 10% voucher codes will be up for the grabs on their Online Magazine.)  If you're not into this social network, or are just not interested in waiting for codes over several days, just go to Amazon's Lomography section. And stock up on film while you're there. You can always buy film at the drug store, but Lomography offers a lot of fun and weird film types if you feel like experimenting.    

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