Londoner Sheds Light on Night Cycling

Cycling at night has always been dangerous, especially if you live in a city where the roads never sleep. That is exactly why Michael Chen, an Asian Londoner designed a cycling jacket perfectly suited for those taking on the not-so-open roads at night.

After visiting Korea last year, Chen noticed the major cities to have better equipped bike lanes than the normal European ones he regularly ventures upon. Based upon this revelation, Chen’s invention includes flashing light indicators on the sleeves and even brake lights on its back. He has recently won an award for his innovative coat and hopes to find someone who will mass-produce it.

Image courtesy of the Daily MailImage courtesy of the Daily Mail

The lights on the jacket are triggered by motion sensors known as a tilt-switch, and by am accelerometer to enable the front and backlights.

Chen, 28, is hoping he is doing a service to his community and people all over the world who are cycling enthusiasts.

Knowing the animosity and aggression that can stem between public drivers and cyclists, he is hoping his invention will keep everyone from his neighbors to overseas bicyclists a little safer out there at night.


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