Long, Leggy, And Warm Protective Hoodies & Boots For Dogs

Sure, many dogs have coats hearty enough to withstand the cold, rain, wind, and snow in winter.... or so they seem. But if your dog lives with you inside a cozy, warm home in winter, he doesn't have the resistance to the elements that his ancestors had. Nor will he keep his puppy resilience his whole lifetime. Like humans, as pets age, the effects of cold, wet weather can be bone-chilling.

Not being a habitual dog dresser, I do make sure my dogs are covered in winter. And I love this warm-wear that Canadian company Pedigree Perfection designs and manufactures, because it's protective, warm, and it covers dogs' legs, which have the least amount of flesh to cover them. And you must admit, these duds look pretty darn cool!


1. The Pedigree Perfection Fleece Snowsuit Hoodie

Aarf! If I looked this good in a Fleece Snowsuit Hoodie, I'd wear it in the summer! The polyester fleece Snowsuit comes in black, gray, and two-tone and in sizes 8" to 22", based on the length of your dog's neck to the beginning of his tail. The Snowsuit has a sewn in leash hole behind the neck. Available at Petsmart.





2. Pedigree Perfection Quilted Rain Suit Hoodie

Aarf aarf! What gorgeous nylon quilted rain suits, available in (Lady Bee) yellow, red, and black. The water-resistant nylon, on the inside as well as outside, is lined with polyfill stuffing to keep your dog warm as well as dry. This can be machine washed and dried, and if the material starts to lose its repellent from repeated washings, you can refresh it occasionally with a silicone spray. Available from Sized as above, from 8" to 22", the Quited Rain Suit Hoodie is available from Petsmart.



3. Pedigree Perfection PawTectors Dog Paw Protection Boots

She's ready for winter now, with these PawTectors dog snow boots. The fleece lining keeps her footsies from freezing and the exterior water proof outer shell is both protective, skid proof, and flexible. The PawTectors are extremely easy to put on and take off and offer a cozy fit adjustable by the Velcro closure. Sold in sets of 4, the dog protection boots come in red and black and come in sizes extra small to extra large. A sizing chart is available on the order page at Petsmart. Also available at Amazon.com.




Make snow days gloriously fun for your dog too!


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Dec 30, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Love that rain coat. I

 Love that rain coat. I don't dress my dogs on a regular basis, but in the winter both dogs have coats for cold days. And, my smaller, very hairy dog wears a raincoat for cleanliness on especially rainy or muddy days..the problem is his belly and legs are exposed, which is what gets the dirtiest. So I love the idea of coats that cover almost everything!


Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer