Long Live Fruits & Veggies With Innovative FreshPaper

Rasberries on FreshPaper: image via fenugreen.comRasberries on FreshPaper: image via fenugreen.com


You are looking at one of the most perishable foods we love to eat.  Raspberries are so delicious and full of anti-oxidants. But rasberries, as well as other yummy and healthy berries, seem to get bad before you can even get them home from the store.  Well, a young designer, Kavita Shukla, has invented a green product to make all your fruits and greens last 2 to 4 times longer.  It's called FreshPaper and it's produced by Shukla's new company, Fenugreen.


FreshPaper by Fenugreen: image via fenugreen.comFreshPaper by Fenugreen: image via fenugreen.com


Nearly one-third of the world's food produced for human consumption is spoiled before it is consumed. Considering the amount of the world's resources that go into producing those foods, the impact of spoiled food is far greater than the obvious waste, an estimated $450 billion yearly.  This fact is what led Shukla to start her produce-saving project when she was in middle school.

Now, years later, using a concoction of organic spices that her grandmother gave her after she had drunk bad water, FreshPaper has been developed and tested and has earned Shukla a very prestigious design award as a finalist in the 2013 Index: Design to Improve Life. Her company, Fenugreen, named after one of FreshPaper's spices, fenugreek, is up and running and selling to stores across the U.S., Canada, and Austrailia.  You can even order FreshPaper directly from Fenugreen's website. For every box you purchase, a box of FreshPaper will be given to a shelter for the homeless to preserve the shelter's ability to feed healthy, fresh foods to homeless persons.


FreshPaper by Fenugreen: image via fenugreen.comFreshPaper by Fenugreen: image via fenugreen.com


So, what do you do with this magic paper?  Very simple.  You place it wherever you keep your produce.  Line your vegetable bins with it, place it in bags of fruit or veggies, on the counter, in a food saver box.... wherever you normally keep your stuff.  Now you can keep it there longer.

(P.S. Remember to keep your produce as dry as possible while it is in storage.)