A Look At Razer's Moddable Xbox One Arcade Stick "Atrox"

If you're a gamer, then chances are pretty good that Razer is a name you know quite well. They're one of the best-known manufacturers of gaming peripherals currently on the market, and there are plenty of people who swear by them - and the level of quality they're known to produce. 

I count myself among them - I'm currently writing this piece on a Razer keyboard. The mechanical keys click like I'm using a typewriter. I like that. 

We're getting off track. Fighting game fans were in for a bit of a treat today, as the 2014 Evolution Championship Series tournament took off in Las Vegas. In attendance was a representative from Razer of America, who introduced a very cool new peripheral that I'm certain more than a few people are going to be picking up - an arcade fighting stick for the Xbox One. Although its design is loosely based on the Xbox 360's Atrox, Razer's latest arcade stick is nevertheless far superior to its predecessor.

The controller features eight Sanwa Denshi buttons, laid out as they would be in a real-world arcade. It's set up so that it can open up with the push of a button, revealing a number of dedicated slots designed for - among other things - storing a bundled screwdriver, a detachable 13-foot USB cable, and an alternative bat-top joystick. 

"We designed the Razer Atrox Arcade Stick for Xbox One on the same principles that made the Razer Atrox for Xbox 360 so popular amongst the fighting game community," explained Min-Liang Tan - Razer's co-founder and CEO - in a prepared statement. "Professional gaming is growing rapidly into a global phenomenon, and gear like the Razer Atrox Arcade Stick for Xbox One will help fighting game players everywhere dominate the opposition in style, match after match." 

The stick also includes an interchangeable top plate for customization and a honeycomb interior to allow easy mounting of component screws. It's slated to go on sale worldwide next month, at which time it'll be available at a retail price of $200. I probably won't be buying one myself - although it's an incredibly high-quality product, I'm worse than useless at fighting games. I probably wouldn't be getting much out of it.

There's only one bad thing about the Atrox:  it's not cross-system compatible. If you want to use it on your PlayStation 4, you're pretty much out of luck. Sad thing too, given that the PS4 is still the superior system. Yep, I went there. The fact still remains that Microsoft has done relatively little to distinguish their console from the competition. In the future that may change, but for the time being...

Let's just say that it's a shame the Atrox is apparently only available on the Xbox One.