Look Kindly On Your Health Insurer With An Apple Calendar

You get them every year.  Your dentist sends one, a local realtor sends one, maybe you get a pretty decent one from a charitable organization... They arrive in November or December and they send their best wishes for the upcoming new year.  You rarely hang them up or use them for anything; they hit the recycle bin on the way to your front door. Advertising calendars.

But a German health insurance company, AOK, did it differently this year.  It's advertising company, Serviceplan, came up wtih the brilliant solution of a sustainable design calendar that shows AOK really does care about keeping its customers healthy - the monthly AOK Apple Calendar, as in "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."




The Apple Calendar is sleek and unique, it serves two great purposes and it never needs to be discarded. How great this would look as part of a modern kitchen design... yes, office design as well. 

Constructed from UVA and UVB resistant Plexiglas, the Apple Calendar tube holds up to 31 apples, and as you eat them, one a day, the remainder of the apples moves towards the opening (note the mounting is slanted downward), and the current date is exposed on the monthly calendar insert behind the apples.




(For the anal personalities out there, you could write your appointments on the apples with washable ink pens.  Not for me, though; it requires too much thinking!)

It's great to see corporations using such creative, positive, sustainable, elegant, and useful designs!

via TrendsNow