"Look, Ma! The Bear Ate My Nintendo 3DS!"

Those are probably words that you'd never want to hear your child ever say to you, especially if you're touring a national park or a zoo. Fortunately, we're not talking about a real bear (and we wouldn't want a real one to eat a Nintendo 3DS! Imagine the harm that will do to them and their digestive systems!)

What we're talking about is this adorable and amazingly fluffy case for your Nintendo 3DS.

And it's not just a sturdy and padded case to carry around your 3D-capable handheld video game console. It also doubles as a cushy puppet just in case you need to cheer your kid up or give anyone else a quick pick-me-up right on the spot.

The inside of the case has elastic straps that will fasten your Nintendo 3DS in place. There's also a carry strap at the back of the bear and there's plenty of room in the zippered compartment to store your games and other accessories for the 3DS. Of course you can also use this case to carry the predessors of the gaming console such as the DS and the DSi.

The great news is that it's priced at only $9.99. The not-so-great part about the case is, of course, the practicality. It doesn't always make sense to carry around your console in a bulky and plushy case that's obviously meant for a kids or a younger audience. But hey, if it's your type of thing then go right ahead and get it.

You can get the Bear Pet Style Protection Carry Case here. (Update: This case is no longer available. Perhaps the more practical but cool looking Nerf Armor cases will work for you instead.))


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