Look Out! Wearable Eyeball Robot Ads New Level of Gaming for iPhone

I dunno how many of you out there are familiar with the works of H. P. Lovecraft.  He can sort of be equated to Edgar Allan Poe in style, though his form of horror was much different.  It centered more on the idea that human beings were subject to horrors from outer space, giant entities (the "Old Gods") that defied description.  Just the mere sight of these enties would drive a man insane.

If any of you saw the first Hellboy movie... those tentacled monsters at the end... that's what they look like.

And, if memory serves me correctly, these cosmic horrors had eyes like this:

Bow down before me!Bow down before me!

We puny mortals can be thankful that this is not the eye of some monstrous beast.  It is, instead, a wearable robot called Miruko.

Designed to sense and react to objects that can't be seen by the naked eye, Miruko is worn on an individual's sleeve.  It is currently used to play iPhone games in which the robotic eye scans the player's surroundings looking for invisible "monsters."  When these monsters are spotted, Miruko centers it's gaze on the critter's location and "captures" it via photograph with the iPhone camera.

Of course it can be used for more practical applications as well.  Miruko can track specific objects (and even faces!), making it a unique - though somewhat obvious - surveillance tool.  You gotta admit - it's a bit bulky.  Like a blood pressure cuff with an eyeball attached.  I can't picture a private investigator walking around with one of these things on his arm.

This video shows some ideas for the robot eyeball's use:

I think, given time and miniaturization, this could be quite a unique little device for all sorts of stuff.  Hell, I know I could use one when I'm cooking.  I get ten things going at once.  Things inevitably boil over or burn.  I'd love to have a little eye in the back of my head to watch things.

And it would ad a whole new dimension to laser tag and paint ball.

It's still sort'a creepy in that Lovecraftian kind of way.  Just how it rolls around and stuff is so... organic.  Like a parasite.

But it's cool.  And I want one.

SOURCE: Pink Tentacle