Look Whose Milking Cows: Robots!


When you picture someone milking a cow what do you see in the mind? The odds are good that you are picturing a farmer, in a pair of denim overalls, sitting on a stool pulling on the cow's neither regions.  That is the traditional way to milk a cow. Or maybe you pictured the more modern version, in which the farmer attacks long, stainless steel, suction tubes to the cows udders to draw out the milk. What I'll wager you didn't picture was a robot doing the job, but more and more that is what is going on when a cow gets milked.

That news scenario is the one that is happening more and more, as farmers turn to technology to enhance the productivity of their work. Take for example the case of Mark and Karen Hosch. This pair of Dubuque County, Iowa, farmers were recently highlighted as part of the recent trend to bring robots to the farm. The family recently bought a pair of care robots, who can each handle about 60 cows a day, dealing with daily feedings and the twice daily milking that the cows require.

The robots are hooked up the camera and a smart phone app that help the farmers to remotely manage their livestock.

Image: Morgue File