Looking Ahead: Flatware That Stands Up!

Did you ever wonder why flatware always lies on the table or in a coffin-like holder in the drawer? I never gave it a thought until I saw this photo of the Sunny Side Up cutlery, I not only started to wonder, but am still wondering why it took so long and whether stand-up flatware will be the wave of the future?

Perhaps the same thoughts were in the minds of the designers of Sunny Side Ups, students attending the Israeli d-VISION program for product development and industrial design. Ten to 15 students a year, B.A.'s in industrial design from top Israeli design schools, enter the D-VISION program to hone their skills to become competitive in the global marketplace.

Sunny Side Ups are from a student project called ouTable, tableware for the outdoor table, the picnic, or just a spontaneous perch on a grouping of stones. The ouTable objects are products of the neo-naturalist movement, one led by young designers who see nature as part of our existence, as opposed to something that we must conquer.

Sunny Side Ups express the neo-natural philosophy well. The cutlery is firmly standing on the earth, facing the sun... in fact looking like they're stretching up to the sun and bending towards it, as if they followed the direction of the sun all day, like flowers.

The Sunny Side Ups and most of the ouTable project are made of plastic, but it is either durable (not-disposable), recyclable, or made from a bio-plastic.




Jun 4, 2008
by Anonymous


I think there was something similar but they didn't do that because it could be dangerous, especially with forks and knives. Not to sure though but that was ages ago then.

Jun 4, 2008
by Anonymous

Boring and useless. Hard to

Boring and useless. Hard to use it while eating, hard to stock it, more chances to make a mess on the table while trying to reach the salt/glass of water/napkin, etc.

Ok for galleries. Really stupid idea for every day use. REALLY.

Jun 4, 2008
by Anonymous


Soups or sauces would run down the handle and make it sticky.