Looking for That Last Minute Christmas Gift? Turn to the Dark Side... of Tea.

Darth Vader: "Would you care for sugar and milk?"

Emperor: "No, no thank you, Lord Vader.  I prefer my tea bitter and black."

Darth Vader: "As you wish."

That's probably the way it would go.  And they would be making tea with this:

Meet the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser.  Killin' the galaxy with deliciousness!  Wooooohooo!

This tea infuser is made of stainless steal, is dishwasher safe and makes a mad cup of tea.  Put whatever loose leaf  blend you wish into it and go to town.

At $19.99, that's not a bad deal for planet destructing herbal goodness!

My question is this: Does Vader have a straw attachment to that helmet?  If not... well, he would have a drinking problem:

Get your own Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser at ThinkGeek!

Scene from Airplane posted by Airazz on December 14, 2010.

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