Looking For a New Way to Charge Your Cellphone? nPower’s Got you PEG’d.

We’re a cell and Smartphone-happy society. Many of us are so tied to our iPhones, Blackberries, Androids, C3PO’s and maybe even the creepy robot from Lost in Space that we would be useless without them.


Legions of young professionals use their phones to do everything from E-mail to conference call, and many young people buy Smartphones in an effort to look like these dashing and virile income-earners.


But whatever the reason you own one or what you use it for, the thing needs to be charged. Despite ever-more glowing assurances from phone companies about battery life and the phones not burning hotter than the surface of the sun when they’ve been used for a few hours, progress is slow on this front, and a good session of Internet surfing can often reduce a fully charged battery to an electrical shadow of its former self.


This always happens at the worst possible time. It’s never just before bed, when outlets and time abound, but when you’re just leaving on vacation or the one e-mail you really need for work is stuck on your slowly necrotizing phone.


Enter the nPower PEG, and cue the dramatic music, because they’ve got you covered.

nPower PEGnPower PEG


This lightweight (11oz) and portable device resembles nothing so much as a green relay baton, but can do a great deal more than pass the buck and cause Olympic failure. The titanium-coated rod is able to generate and store power which can then be connected via an adaptor to almost any wireless device get it charging.


The PEG takes advantage of Faraday’s law of Induction, and when placed upright in a bag, purse or backpack, will generate electric energy as the user expends kinetic energy by moving around. While the company is tight-lipped on the specifics, they do say that the PEG is frequency-specialized and is calibrated to work with the rhythms created when humans run or walk.


The device comes equipped with a USB 2.0 port, and even an hour of walking will produce enough electricity to charge a typical cellphone to the halfway mark. Additionally, the PEG can also be connected directly to a computer for quick energy accumulation if you’re feeling less than spry.  Internally, the PEG features a lithium polymer battery which makes the entire device recyclable.  


Stepping away from older-model technologies such as solar power or mechanical force application, the PEG is a free energy option for anyone who makes a habit out of walking or running on a daily or even weekly basis.


To clarify, free energy isn’t entirely free. The device retails for $150 but once purchased, should more than pay for itself over the course of its charging life.


The scale is small, but the benefits are easily measureable. The PEG’s parent company, nPower, is currently working on large-scale underwater versions of this device, which raises the disturbing possibility that Octopi may have finally learned to use Smartphones. If water-resistant electronics progress much further, we may have a problem.


But before Ragnarokotpus comes thundering up from the deep, the PEG is a great way to get almost any portable device back up to speed.


Via: Gizmag Source: nPower