Looking For Novel Ideas: 26th DuPont Awards For Packaging Innovation

Once again, DuPont is looking throughout the packaging industry for the year’s most innovative, environmentally responsible and overall fantastic designs. If you’ve recently helped to design a consumer friendly bag, box, wrapper, container or other piece of professional packaging, it’s your time to shine!




Like every year, submitted packaging designs are judged based on their “Technological Advancement” (use of materials/ new technology, etc.), “Responsible Packaging” (clean energy consumption, reduction of packaging waste, etc.) and “Enhanced User Experience.” (it does what the packaging requires the product to do, motivates consumers to buy the item, etc.) If you are a packaging designer, then you might know how big of a deal the DuPont Awards are, as they’ve recognized a range of major milestones in the field. Some of these innovators include the integration of foam-based frozen food trays that use half as much material as plastic trays, and the use of PET plastic bottles that are partially composed of plant material.


 2013 DuPont Award Winner: Heinz Freshens Iconic Ketchup Bottle2013 DuPont Award Winner: Heinz Freshens Iconic Ketchup Bottle


While there isn’t a monetary prize, having your incredible design work placed on a pedestal alongside Kraft Foods, Unilever, the Procter and Gamble Company and many more premier industry giants is certainly a massive achievement. Just by looking through the extensive listing of previous DuPont Award winners, you can tell that these designers took the extra effort to infuse their packaging with sharp new ideas, eye-catching shapes and as much pure function as possible.  


 2012 DuPont Award Winner: New Goldfish™ Bread Packaging2012 DuPont Award Winner: New Goldfish™ Bread Packaging


You have until March 1st, 2014 to enter your perfect packaging projects to the 26th Annual DuPont Awards, and there’s no registration fee for your entries, so if you’ve innovated the way goodies are stored, wrapped and contained, you deserve a shot at this impressive award. (Click here to enter!)