LOOP-IN Combines Skating And Surfing

Before new technology hits the market, it goes through a conceptual stage--someone dreams up the idea, sketches out a few things and does some research. Marcial Ahsayane dreamed up a machine that would combine elements of skating and surfing. It is the LOOP-IN, and this concept looks like a lot of fun.


Marcial Ahsayane

Marcial Ahsayane is a product designer from Spain. In 2009, along with Miriam Liebana, he founded Ahsayane Studio, which is now based out of Brussels. The Studio has since become an international design agency, with clients in California, Australia, Hong Kong, Belgium, the UK and Spain. 

Ahsayane Studio produces mostly furniture, jewelry, packaging materials and ceramics. In 2013, Ahsayane and Liebana founded Milcincuenta, a company with a creative environment where they can tinker and produce limited editions and collections. LOOP-IN is one of those creative concepts that Ahsayane is exploring.

LOOP-IN Hybrid Skate And SurfingLOOP-IN Hybrid Skate And Surfing

LOOP-IN's Design

LOOP-IN employs two large wheels and a large board fixed to those wheels. The wheels will be able to take on just about any surface. The outer wheel and inner plate rotate independently of one another, while the board is attached to the inner plate and features shock absorbers. 

The design of the wheels and inner plate will produce a ride like no other--it will feel as if you're being pushed by a continuous wave. However, as a rider, you will have to use more than just balance and board control to operate LOOP-IN. You'll need to master the wheels as well. This makes operating LOOP-IN a bit more complicated than just surfing of skating by themselves, however once the wheels are mastered, you'll be able to use the wheels to do some amazing tricks. 

LOOP-IN TricksLOOP-IN Tricks

If the LOOP-IN ever advances out of the conceptual stage, it has the potential to be a big hit in the extreme sports arena. Tons of surfers, skaters and novices alike would be clamoring to get their hands on the LOOP-IN.