Loop-In Concept "Skateboard"

Combining what looks like a giant pair of road bicycle wheels with a skateboard, designer Marcial Ahsayane brings us the Loop-In Skateboard design. The wheels are designed to roll over  nearly every type of terrain, including the rugged, urban interior of Mars, while the board itself rotates inside. The contraption seems to be designed to create a smoother, more natural, street-based interface, allowing off-season surfers and snowboarders to recreate their favorite moves in the off-season.

From the picture above, it doesn't seem like the wheels rotate independently of the frame, meaning the rider is left to spin upside-down continuously like a cartoon character caught in a massive snowball. I'd have to think that the wheels would actually move independently, lest one would be far too dizzy and disoriented to enjoy a single moment of the ride. Dropping tricks in this state would also be nearly out of the question. 

I can't quite see the Spherical Skateboard catching on with anyone that actually cares about the respective sports of skating, surfing or snowboarding, as it's rather large, cumbersome and downright goofy-looking. However, it would be hard to turn down an opportunity at giving it a once-over in the park or street.

Tuvie via Gizmag